Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mobile Phone Credit Generator 2011 free download


1. Click the Download button below to get your free mobile phone credit generator

Total Downloads Available 4933/5000

2. Select 'Regular Download'. A survey will appear to verify that you are
a human and not a bot, this is to protect the number of file downloads. Simply fill in a short free survey and then download the file.

3. Save the file to your desktop and open it.

4. Click the Add Credit button and wait for the confirmation that your top-up has been sucsessful which is very quick dues to the ammount available , it doesnt take long to find one.

5. After following the correct step, you will have completed the process. If you have any problems, refer back to the step that you think didn't work.
Cant download from sharecash? here is the video tutorial of how to download any files from sharecash
Download :


  1. In my country cant download from sharecash please can give me a mail witch program at

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